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As a visual artist, I started by drawing and painting on paper. As I experimented with various media, I chose hand embroidery on canvas, not in its traditional form, but as an extra dimension to the artwork to express my creative ideas. Stitching with bold, vibrant colored threads and applying acrylic or gouache paints, I create geometric abstract, playful compositions, influenced by my architectural background and the universal symbols of tribal arts. My works are intuitive creations meant to invoke feelings rather than conveying concepts. 


Victoria Potrovitza is a contemporary artist creating geometric abstract works. She received an MS Degree in Architecture from UAUIM, Bucharest, Romania. Soon after graduation, her career shifted towards textile arts. The abstract feel of architectural compositions continues to influence her work. A significant part of her career was dedicated to wearable art creations using fiber and fabric treatments with a focus on hand-painted silk. Her collections were featured in shows running during the NYC spring and fall fashion week.

In the last decade, she transcended from hand-painted silk wearable art-making to hand-embroidered canvases, or sometimes mixed media works using acrylic and gouache paint in addition to threads. Her compositions are modern, geometric abstractions. Her art is foremost the work of a colorist. She lives and works in Lancaster, CA.

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